Whether you're new to extensions or have had them for years, they can boost confidence every time you look in the mirror. But, unfortunately, finding the proper method for you can take time and money. So let me tell you a little about IBE®️ methodology and why I chose this method over several top contenders.

What is IBE®️

IBE®️ is Invisible Bead Extensions®️; the founder Mckenzie Turley spent several years developing this method. First, she strived to find a way to support her guests' scalp and hair wellness. Then, once she perfected her technique, she built a school to help her fellow stylists that is exemplary. 

To become a certified IBE®️ stylist is NOT your typical three-day course. Instead, IBE requires you to pass three levels while working one-on-one with a mentor that takes two to three months. Mckenzie also supplies Masters programs, one-on-one sessions with a mentor and continued support.


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The Benefits of IBE®️?

IBE®️ addresses everyday struggles experienced with traditional extension methods.

* There is never adhesive used with IBE®️.

* The bead placement and stitching are precise and intended for the comfort and health of scalp and hair in mind.

* Beads are hidden between strategically placed wefts. Minimizing tension and pulling while eliminating irritation and bald spots caused by friction.

* The ability to wear your hair up or back with confidence

IBE®️ is great for most hair types and allows added volume and/ or length. However, it is a lifestyle commitment of maintenance and at-home care to protect the longevity of the hair wefts and your investment.

What to Expect 

I will first have you take a few minutes and fill out my Pre-Consultation Form. This allows me to get to know you and your desired look and see if you would be a good fit for extensions. Then, once I have approved your application, I will book a consultation.

We will discuss your color and extension goals, initial investment, and maintenance costs during the consultation. Finally, I'll teach you how to maintain your extensions at home and answer any of your questions.

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE retainer is due when booking your appointment.

If You're Currently Wearing Extensions...

If you are currently wearing extensions and looking to change methods or extension artists, no worries. Please take a moment to fill out my 'Changing Extension Artists' form. Once I have reviewed your application, I will be in touch letting you know our next step will be.

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Extensions are a luxury service and investment. I want to be transparent about pricing and maintenance before deciding if extensions are a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

Your initial investment includes; the initial install cost ($200 per row), extension wefts (the hair), color matching the wefts, a home maintenance starter kit, dry cut, and style. It does not include any other coloring or cutting services. Even though I prefer to be your colorist and extension stylist, I do not require it.  To keep you looking your best and maintaining your hair goals it is helpful if I am both your extension artist and colorist.

For One Row (volume) starting price

For shoulder-length hair, $570

For mid-length hair, $790

For longer length hair, $1390

For Two Rows (length & volume) starting price

For shoulder-length hair, $865

For mid-length hair, $1310

For longer length hair, $2290

For Three Rows starting price

For mid-length hair, $1500

For longer length hair, $2260

After the initial install, we will schedule an extension move-up for seven weeks out. I will determine how far out your move-up can be scheduled. A move-up includes removing and reinstalling extensions but does not include coloring, cutting, styling, or upgrades. Please come to your move-up appointment with clean dry hair.

One Row $150

Two Rows $300

Three Rows $425

Mini Row $100

Removal $75

For all new extension guests that are switching stylists, the move-up fee is $175 per row for the first visit.  


  • Extension services are non-refundable under any circumstances. An agreement to attend maintenance appointments every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid damage to the natural hair will be followed. If you are unhappy with the hair purchased from Petra Tuss Salon, installation, or service, you must give me the opportunity to rectify any issue. If you feel that the extensions are not what was expected or not suitable for your lifestyle,  a refund is not acceptable. If an allergic reaction occurs, you will not hold Petra or the salon at fault and any allergies do not qualify for a refund.